Sunday, November 1, 2009

lynn in love with a roller derby halloween

haha... you guessed it! We were roller derby girls! Ever since Connie and I saw Whip It at a free screening, we knew we were gonna be Derby Girls for Halloween! Did you see the movie? We loved it. I love these hardcore girls and the motto "be your own hero." After gathering a few things from around the house (arm bands and tennis skirt) and going to Salvation Army to acquire a helmet, I was only missing the skates. After searching high and lo for them, I was worried that we wouldn't be able to complete our costumes. I should have known to look at Academy Sports first (one of my favorite stores eva), cuz there I found some super cute and cheap official Roller Derby skates! Mandy joined us last minute, and all of a sudden, we had a team!

Every year, the UTSW Ortho residents throw a huge halloween party, and I've been going since med school. After being MIA for the last 4 months, it was great to skate around and catch up with some old friends and residents.

The Archstone Angels!
Our names: miss demeanor, punky bruiser, and bloody mary!
met our devilish tonia at the Ortho Party
husband's official costume was my spotter and keep me from biting it!
We're totally ready to join TXRD!
We may have tied lightsticks to our skates!

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  1. The Archstone Angels are cute; go Ms. Demeanor...