Saturday, November 21, 2009

lynn in love with wedding dress

Speaking of wedding...huh! imagine my surprise when I was stalking Jasmine Star's photography blog yesterday, and I saw the model in her most recent workshop wearing.... my wedding dress!!

you guys... I LOVED my wedding dress... it was everything that I was looking for: simple, flowy, comfortable, pretty and flattering on my petite body... without making me feel like a giant snowball which was how I felt on every dress I tried on prior to mine. And I got a fantastic deal for it which made it all so perfect (b/c I love a great deal). Seriously, I got this lovely Vera Wang number for $550... crazy huh?

As all brides do, after I got my dress... I stalked and googled my heart out of my dress to look for inspiration and so forth... and NEVER once saw my dress online. Nary a silk or chiffon angle to be found. It saddened me a little, but I did sort of loved that I was wearing an original. :)

Until today, when I saw this Jasmine Star post... and here's my dress on the model! It fits me a little differently then on her, but it still evokes all the same feelings that I had for the dress: lovely, elegant, flowy, and just a little different! and I absolutely adore the way she styled the dress! That necklace, the headpiece, those shoes! This is great inspiration for when I finally do my trash the dress session on our anniversary!
As I still waiting for my pics, I pulled this one off my photog's website of my dress and shoes...

and even though it's not a good view of my dress I just wanted to post this pic that I just downloaded from huz's cuz, becuase I love it so.. :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love your wedding pic...

  2. The retrograde black-and-white scenery invokes a surreal, magical twist to the one-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moment...

  3. You know the people from the dress store still remember you? They knew exactly which dress you bought when I said that you referred me to them. It was creepy yet impressive.

  4. That dress is so gorgeous. You looked beautiful in it!

  5. So funny, I just happened to stop by Jasmine's blog and saw that post, and of course thought of you!

    The dress was quite perfect for you, you looked beautiful. :)