Thursday, November 12, 2009

lynn in love with the canon sx200 IS-may she rest in peace.

Sigh. I appear to be a serial killer....of cameras.
First it was my diana
And now it's my sweet little Canon.

As you know, I love taking pictures: Right now I consistently shoot with 4 cameras: my dslr Nikon D70, my polaroid camera, my iphone camera, and my Canon Powershot Sx200 IS.

I loved my canon. For a point and shoot it is very powerful. It rocks 12 megapixels, HD video, and semi-full manual controls. It produces clear and crisp images. For any time I'm too lazy to lug my dslr around, it alway stands in as my go-to camera. its in camera heaven with diana, since I totally killed it while shooting and rollerskating at the same time.

The evidence:
My friend Connie and I went skating around a lake on Saturday. The camera give me clear brilliant colors.
For some reason, I think I can skate and take pictures at the same time.

And then I drop it. On the gravel. Where it bounced several times on that gravel.

I picked it up in horror....took a picture. And this is what I see.

Sigh, its little messed up sensor likes psychedelic colors. Not good, not good at all.

I am so bummed about this as I can't afford to replace it right now. And I loved this camera. I'm going to take it to a repair shop, but don't know how much they are going to charge or if it's even fixable.

For now... let's have a moment of silence for my canon.....


  1. Oops... but the psychedelic-colored pics may be a cool serendipity though...Once, I spent a whole lot of headaches and inconvenience having my car towed and another $300 to replace my gas tank, all the while not paying close attention to the gas meter in front of my eyes, which clearly points at "E" for empty...

  2. Oh NO! How awful! I have a Canon too, it's my baby! I'm so sorry. I hope it's fixable! Maybe you can get a new one for Christmas?

  3. That stinks!! :( Hope it gets better!

  4. If you can't afford to fix it I defintely think you should keep it just to take fun photos :)

    Also if you find a good repair show will you let me know? I dropped my Rebel and the mirror thing that works with the lens isn't flipping up correctly anymore so I need to get it fixed.

  5. this is a bummer. i love my little point and shoot canon, so i hope they can help you fix it on the cheap! however, can i say that despite this sadness, i really loved this post because:
    1) the psychedelic pictures are actually kind of cool.
    2) you are wearing the sperm hat! YES!!!

  6. You guys are soo sweet! Okay, I guess I'll keep the camera if they can't fix it :) I guess the colors ARE kinda cool!

    And Jenna, I'll let you know. Garland camera repair tomorrow I'll go.