Monday, November 30, 2009

lynn in love with camping

Did you guys have a lovely week?... whether it was spent with family, or with friends, or just with good food, I hope it was a good time. Ours was beautifully busy with all of it! I was out of town for most of the week, so I apologize if I haven't been commenting on your blogs!

Well I'm just going to jump into my recaps and reviews, because this post is going to be long and full of pictures! We started off the week by going camping. Now, the husband and I are by no means "roughing it" kind of people, but we really wanted to get away for a night and spend it in fresh air and God's beautiful country. So we loaded it up the car and headed out to Tyler State Park! We've never been there before and from recs on facebook, we made it our destination. Only 90 minutes from Dallas, it was perfect for an overnight camping adventure.

Once we got there, we found a lovely camping site. Look at our view! We were surrounded by beautiful colored fall trees, and the serene lake. Site 124 will always be our site if we ever come again.

I was so thankful for my sister in law who lent us all her awesome camping gear. We were surprised to find the tent easy to assemble.

After we set up camp, we went off on a hike around the lake, finding little delightful things in the forest carpet of fallen leaves.

I'm so proud of the huz for finally learning how to use my camera, so I can get some SLR action :)
Maybe he can be my second shooter one day!

After the hike, we came back to the site to take care of the real business...our dinner! We built a fire and set out our sweet potaters and corn out to roast! Sometimes, there is nothing better then a real wood fire ablazing to warm our bodies.

The Huz manning the fire.

:) We take our camping food seriously in the lynninlove household! Dinner Menu: Ribeye steaks, veggie kabobs, roasted sweet potatoes, and corn!

I don't why fire cooked food tastes sooo good... but seriously, this food was perfection.

There was hungry wild thing in the forest!

After dinner, we sat by the lake watching the sunset and making our mark with the rest of the lovers on the bench.

The night set in with cold crisp air and so we bundled up into our tent and slipped into sleeping bags cocoons. I have to say... I was a little freaked out! I kept hearing all these noises. We peaked out to see what all the ruckus was about, and found this little racoon family coming to check us out!

Oh, the dawn light coming in through our tent was so so beautiful! We woke up and went on another short hike. Love this light!

That's it folks!!

So our final review of Tyler State Park? 4 1/2 stars! It's a bit small for the more experienced camper/hiker, but for folks like us who wanted a short excursion, it's a wonderful place to spend a night or weekend! Beside camping and hiking, they offer mountain bike trails, fishing, as well as canoes and paddle boats which we hope to check out next time! The camp sites are clean, beautifully placed around the lake and offer fire pits and a water pump. Loved it and definitely recommend it!


  1. Beautiful! This so makes me want to go camping with a camera in hand. I assume those are timer shots with both of you in them? The focus is fantastic!

  2. I am SO not a camping person but the pictures you took made me rethink my position on the topic!

    Glad you two had fun! The food looks delish!

  3. thanks guys, it was so fun! Jenna, yup, I put the focus on manual, put it on a log, and crossed my finger for good luck!

  4. You are totes camping in STYLE! :D Haha, I just LOVE your beanie, and it looks like you guys had a great and fun time camping! I'm glad. :D

  5. Wow...just the two of ya'll huh...amazing...sounds like an excellent way to bond even stronger and keep that flame of passion two seem brave in your adventures...I would probably be scared, but I guess it depends on the safetiness of the surroundings...I haven't dared to intermingle with the wilderness and/or the deep blue sea...

  6. These pictures are so beautiful! I love all your camping outfits. So stylish!

    And oh my goodness, that little raccoon family made me kind of die. They are so adorable.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! I am so glad!

  7. You are both adorable and these pictures are amazing!! I <3 camping!!