Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lynn in love with trent and le's wedding!

Trent and Le had a beautiful and fun wedding reception at the Kim Son Ballroom in Downtown Houston. The food was yummy, the bride and groom were gorgeous, and it was so much fun to hang out with old friends from medical school and residency.

Sometime during the reception was when my camera was dropped and I didn't realize that the autofocus was busted meaning I only have a handful of pictures that weren't blurry. Doh! Still we have our memories of a great night!

Congratulations Trent & Le!! Here's to a beautiful start to a wonderful marriage!!

The boys and one of the pretty centerpieces
The bride and groom were swarmed by family and cameras all night, this is the only shot I got of them by themselves! They had a cute picture mat for their sign-in.

The boys again. There were about 5 cameras pointing at them at this point.
Their wedding cake was gorgeous! & one of the best wedding cakes I have ever tasted!
Haha... one of the Vietnamese traditions is for the bride & groom to greet tables and receive their gift envelopes. However at the young tables, they are usually required to do something before getting their envelopes. This usually means a shot of alcohol or playing a risque game. We made Le thread this lemon up one pant leg and down the other!
Le changed into this beautiful feathered reception gown for the cake cutting/dancing!
Trent's best man, Alan, made a sweet and funny speech. He was in our wedding too!
The girls!
Haha: Houston humidity+dancing = hair disasters!
Tonia & Thayer

We had the after party at lucky strike and "upscale" bowling alley in downtown. A great night!!


  1. Kim Son's has delicious dim sum on the weekends :D
    The bride is so pretty! Great shots

  2. Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks SO good- there are totally no hair problems! :D

  3. What an awesome wedding! It looks like it was such a fun and casual time. The pictures you took are gorgeous! I'm sorry about your camera :(

  4. Was Houston that humid over the weekend...more than Dallas?

  5. bride, yeah! we actually went to Kim Son the next morning for Dim Sum!

    Thanks guys! ha! it was so hot and humid in Houston, even in November!!