Thursday, November 5, 2009

lynn in love with texture

I just purchased a set of textures! I've never worked with them before... but I love how these first two turned out. Of course I adored the pictures before processing them, but I feel the texture made the overall images much more punchy! Definitely something to expect when you get a Fine Art Edit from me over at lynn in love photo!


Have you ever worked with textures before? What are some good tips in using them?


  1. Wow I just look at your photography are SO talented!

  2. You have some serious talent going on! I love the textures of those photos. A.Maz.Ing

  3. professional quality...

  4. I have no idea what textures are, unfortunately.. but the pictures are AMAZING. okay, maybe I have a slight idea, just by looking at them.. REALLY GOOD.