Friday, November 20, 2009

lynn in love with bicycles

mmm....kay... so I'm following this new blog Hilltop glossy. It's sort of a Sartorialist for Dallas, and she shoots the people and kids around SMU,

today she posted these bikes and I'm in love.

I leave near the SMU area and I've never seen anybody on bikes this cute, or for that fact bike at all.

But I've been wanting to.... and would love a sweet cruiser like this: The turquoise? the basket? (and the tory burch tote) In. Love. Where can I find one?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I had been thinking of putting together a blog like this for Dallas for a while. Glad someone beat me to it! I am jealous you live around the SMU area. I hope to move there next year

  2. Okay I totally just died over those photos of SMU students. They look so adorable! Gah, dying.

    I really want someone to make one for UT, we have our fair share of athletic shorts/t-shirts/leggings/rainbows combos but we also have some really fashionable people!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I LOVE the bikes... but the girl is talking on her phone while biking!! Does she know HOW dangerous that is? My friend twisted her ankle doing that. naughty naughty! :D

  4. This type of biking is more common in certain parts of the country more so than others...

  5. This comment has nothing to do with bikes. I just wanted to say that SMU is awesome.