Monday, November 16, 2009

lynn in love with weekends

(I, my darlings, am a complete idiot.
At a wedding this weekend, my dslr got dropped and now the autofocus doesn't work.
Grr. this does not bode well for my track record. At least it's a two-fer for the repair shop)
Ok, Happy Monday, y'all!
Did you have a good weekend? Hope so! Husband and took a MUCH needed break from Dallas and work, and hopped into our car on Friday and drove down to Houston for a friend's wedding. It was a lovely wedding and a fabulous weekend filled with old friends. We're tired from all the fun but refreshed for a new week ahead of us!

We got a great deal and stayed at Aloft Galleria. I love the W hotels, and was pleasantly suprised to find that Aloft was a little sister version of the W hotels. It was chic, modern, clean and comfortable with fun details that we appreciated! I wish I had more pictures to share from the weekend, but between my point and shoot being dead, and my dslr autofocus busted I only have a few to show.

Friday we rolled in exhausted from the drive in the dark and long days at work. Our friends were asleep, but we wanted to have a little fun so we went down to the hotel bar to hang out. They had fun furniture, table games, and a pool table, so husband and I entertained each other.

We had some yummy drinks at the bar and some chicken taquitos.

There were oh so many games of pool this weekend. All of them of which we played very poorly. oh so poorly.

I love finding new ways to do ring shots! Aren't these adorable? :)

And while I was doing these ring shots, I turn around to find the husband setting up our initials in the connect 4 slots. I do adore me some cheesy love!!

Okay, tomorrow a few shots that I was able to get at the wedding...

My canon point and shoot's repair would be half of what I payed for it! No way.... guess I have to wait til Christmas to replace it.

My 50mm f1.4 lens is at the shop (Garland Camera and Repair). Hopefully the autofocus will be fixed by the time my first paying shoot comes up this Sunday!!


  1. Oh my goodness! The ring shots are amazing! I love the tic-tac-toe :)

  2. Such cute photos! I loooove the ring shots.

  3. I love the pictures that you take- they're BEAUTIFUL. And I just adore the ring shots. I love lovey shoots. :D

  4. So who's the pool shark, u or ur hub?