Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lynn in love with camping II

Dears... I am a busy bee, editing like a mad woman for lynninlovephoto, making invites for my nephew's birthday, designing christmas cards, and preparing my first december shift tonight! Although I just want to crawl into my bed with a book on this cold december 1st day, it does feel good to be a productive woman :)

Today, I'm just going to leave you with few polaroids from our camping trip, as well as an old xanga post from 3 years ago on the huz and my first camping trip together 3.5 years ago. It was our first year anniversary of dating... :) That's one of the reason I love blogging....it's so fun to look back at the memories. The now husband still has the same qualities I loved in him since the first: patient, protector, provider, and partner. Check it out at the link below!

hmm.. I scanned these all in at one time, I don't know why they are all different sizes, and colors...oh well!



  1. wow...similar scenes but in a more recent past...

  2. hiya! speaking of birthdays, a b-day is com'in up... guess whose b-day it us.
    (Hint:is a family member, that person is a girl and is your cousin!)

  3. I like the pictures. They make me want to go camping.


  4. Oh my goodness, I remember Xanga! Wow.

    I love these Polaroids :)

  5. I love those Polaroids! SOO CUte!

  6. what a wonderful trip. It's been so long since I went camping, I really should fix that.

  7. I love these pictures! So funny you're from DFW...I'm moving there in January. :)