Thursday, December 10, 2009

lynn in love with gingerbread villages!

It's starting to feel like Christmas! :) So the other day, the huz and I made a trip to Target and made out with Gingerbread Village Kit. We thought oh how fun and reminisced on our childhood when we used to make these. But now that we're all old with awesome fine motor skills, we were all prepared to make a kickbutt village, all designer and posh. Seriously, this was going to be the Beverly Hills of Gingerbread Villages! I mean how hard could it be??

Yeah...not so much. Apparently building with crackers and icing is not really one of our true talents. One hour later when our kitchen table, clothes, and fingers were covered with all kinds of colored sugar bits, we managed to create a village filled with dilapidated and run down no Beverly Hills here, more like Gingerbread Ghetto!

Huz refused to let me get discouraged and we tried again and covered all the cracks and original decorations with as much sugar goodness as we could... and you know what? it ended up pretty cute! I placed all our little buildings on various little cake holders and we got our first little Christmas decoration :)

It started out all fine and dandy!

It was when we busted out the icing, when things started to fall apart... literally!

Aw... our poor little church!

Our completed Village!! Not too bad huh?

These two are our favorites!

They look cute by candlelight :)

A few more in the daylight :)

L for Lynn in Love!

It's pretty fun, y'all... get your own kit at Target for $8 :)


  1. So cute! Now I am tempted to run out and get a gingerbread village for me and the hubby. Knowing us though there probably would be a contest involve somewhere and someone is going to end up crying.

  2. These are adorable! I made some with my family, too, but I love the whole village idea! :D

  3. My boyfriend and I got the same gingerbread village kit.. except we gave up when they started falling apart! But yours turned out so cute :)

  4. These are so adorable. Like, for real. I wouldn't even want to eat them! I love how your cake stands!!

    I want to do one right now.

  5. Love the ginger bread houses!!!