Friday, December 11, 2009

lynn in love with "no boys allowed"

Oh! I just spoted this shoot for the best bacholerette party here.
A girls's weekend at Joshua Tree National Park....
doesn't this look like SO much fun??

My girlfriends...we need to plan a fantastic weekend like this soon :)



  1. Fabulous idea!! Have fun with your ladies!!

  2. WHHHATTT!! That is amazing. And it totally looks like a photoshoot- it's SO BEAUTIFUL. Dang- now I want to have a tepee bachlorette party!

  3. I am total co-hosting a bachlorette party in early 2010!!! We are trying to pin down a theme right now! =]

  4. That is an awesome theme for a bacholerette party!!! I love the outfits, especially the boots!!!