Friday, December 25, 2009

lynn in love with christmas

Signing in to tell you about our Christmas Miracle! After spending Christmas Eve Eve in t-shirt and 70 degree weather.... it snowed on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

May the miracle and joy of His birth bless you today!


  1. That's awesome! And your baby snowmen are ADORABLE. Merry Christmas!! :D

  2. Such a cute picture!!!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Aww! I spent Christmas in San Diego with no chance of snow.. but I got snow last Christmas so it's fine! And the baby snowmen are so cute!

  4. Frosty the Snow Man

    was a jolly happy soul

    With a corn-cob pipe and a button nose

    and two eyes made out of coal.

    Frosty the Snow Man

    is a fairy tale they say

    He was made of snow but the children know

    how he came to life one day.

  5. Now, that IS a Christmas miracle! I hope your Christmas was lovely, just like you!

  6. Happy Holidays!!! You're the best cousin in the whole wide world!!!! Love ya!!!!!