Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lynn in love with san francisco: day 3 & 4 and polaroids!!

I cannot tell you how much in love I am with today's pictures and polaroids. Since the death of my Diana, I was mourning the loss of those vintage lo-fi images that I adore so much. So for my trip to SF, last minute I threw in my polaroid camera I had gotten for my wedding's sign in book and some of the expired film into my bag. However since I was lugging around both my large dSLR and my not-so-small point and shoot, I didn't have strength to carry around a 3rd camera on our SF excursions. I realized that I was neglecting the polaroid, so I made an executive decision on the 3rd day to leave the SLR behind and take it with me.

oh my gosh.. it was so much fun to shoot with this camera! We were off to Haight Street to explore and it was the perfect backdrop with all its hippey nooks and crannies. I only had 20 pieces of film with me (that costs $2 each!) and so I had to be very choosy on what to photograph. We took our first picture in a little dinner... and it turned out so awesome, I almost died from all the awesomeness. Square format, those delicious vintage colors, the lo-fi effect. Just awesome. It was very freeing to shoot with the polaroid. On any given vacation day, I can take upwards of 100 shots, just because I can...and often you find me messing with the settings to get the perfect shot. With the polaroid, it's so easy: just compose your picture and punch the big gray button! Anyone can do it! Then you get to walk around, waiting for the film to develop and see what you get and it's SO LIKE MAGIC!

I only took 10 shots that entire day... and they are my favorite shots of the entire trip. The hardest part is scanning the pictures to post on this blog :)

Now I just need to decide how to put these pictures up in our apartment... any suggestions?

(click on any of the pictures, to see it bigger)


  1. super cute! makes me want to get a polaroid... but of course my photos won't look like yours. hehe!

  2. Minh, you should totally get one (although they are not making film anymore and now the old film is super expensive) That's the beauty of the polaroid! It's soooo easy. Just make sure whatever is in the square is a beautiful composition. I love it so... I don't need to do anything, no processing, no photoshop, no nothing! everything turns out beautiful!

  3. ahhh perfect polaroids! good job on being selective. these are charming!

  4. So fun dear! I am jealous of your time in San Fran and I am lost in love with your appreciation for the simpler things! So classic!