Thursday, October 1, 2009

lynn in love with courtney lang vintage on etsy!

I have great news! One of my bestest friends, Courtney has decided to open an etsy shop!

It features beautiful antique and vintage earrings that she has scoured flea markets and antique shops for. She then changes the backs and posts with modern replacements. It's such a great idea, and the pieces she has in the shop are just darling.

I'm in the love with these Farrah earrings.

Here's a little interview with Courtney Lang herself to give you a little taste of what's in store for you in her great little boutique!

lynn in love: So Court, who are ya?
courtney lang vintage: I am a Los Angeles native, currently living on the East coast and loving the plethora of beautiful antiques at my disposal.

lynn in love: Awesome, you sound like a cool chick! What inspired you to open an etsy shop?
courtney lang vintage: I have always admired etsy and the way it provides a venue for artists to sell handmade goods as well as vintage lovers like myself to sell their favorite finds.

However, the recent impetus to throw open the shutters on my 'lil boutique was an experience with my sister-in-law Eleanor. She recently visited my new home for the first time and I took her antiquing, where she fell in love with these glam star-shaped rhinestone antique earrings only to find that they were noxious, ear-ache inducing clip on's (and who knows where those backs had been). . . So, with her birthday on the approach, I decided to get them for her and convert the backs to pierced. She loved them so much that it inspired me to start the boutique!

lynn in love: I love it! What a great idea to bring alive something that is an oldie but a goodie!What's your personal style and what kind of pieces are you looking for?
courtney lang vintage: I would describe my personal style as vintage classic. I like to find pieces with great design, simplicity, and elegance . . . something that you can wear and treasure and that will not fall out of style.

In addition to the vintage classic look, Eleanor was my inspiration for including a 'lil glamour in the pieces in my shop. Although I am not immediately drawn to the sparkle as my first choice, delectable rhinestone clusters are so fun that I felt inclined to include them too.

So, the way i see it: my fav vintage classic look + a 'lil bling and sparkle + my love for the an older and more elegant L.A. = old Hollywood glamour, the theme I've developed for Courtney Lang Vintage.

lynn in love: Who doesn't love old Hollywood glamour? I do! Last question: Who is your customer?
courtney lang vintage:
My customer is:
a lovely lady who, among her many admirable traits . . .
has a well defined sense of personal style
likes to incorporate vintage pieces into her modern look
loves the environment and finds creative ways to re-use/recycle

a refined gentleman who, among his many admirable traits, knows how to gift well!

------Courtney, you've been a doll and I'm excited to see all your treasures------

Give my girl some love and check out her shop!

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  1. The idea of an interview makes your blog semi-professional...u got style there doc!