Friday, October 2, 2009

lynn in love with kidrobot zipper pulls

Ok, you guys are going to think we're insane... but husband and I have become a little obsessed with kidrobot's zipper pulls. We discovered them in SF and can't get enough. Basically, you purchase a box of one of their themes for a few bucks and you don't know which little guy you're going to get... sort of like a fortune cookie! Anyways, tragedy struck when we returned from our SF trip to find the husband's car completely mutilated with a crowbar, and bearing a broken window and ignition panel completely stripped and ruined by a botched up autotheft attempt. It was a very sad little day as husband is quite fond of heidi (what he dubbed his car). We discovered that there was a kidrobot store in Dallas over at the Mockingbird station and ran over the to get a few zipper pulls to cheer us up. Look at these little fellas! They are so cute, how can they not make you smile!

Anyways, I like to make up little stories with the small collection we have.... this one for example is set in San Francisco.


The stories always involves these characters:

Protagonist: The sweet and brave baseball man

and his friends, the goodnatured Creams

The villain: The Bad Pill and his Shank

and lastly the mysterious and yet to be introduced character who I always suspect is an alien.

Haha... just writing this makes me realize that we ARE insane. But we love and that's all that is important!


  1. hilarious and super cute. i love the casting!

  2. LOVE the zipper pulls!