Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lynn in love with cokes, caps, and board certification!

"I went to Atlanta for the ASRM conference and all I got was a sperm hat and a bottle of coke!"

howdy, friends. We just flew back from Atlanta this evening! Husband is applying for a reproductive endocrine and infertility fellowship and I decided to accompany him to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine conference this year. We just spent the last 5 days in Hotlanta. I heard there was fun swag at these conferences, so I went to check out the vendors. However as there has been a crackdown on pharmaceutical company endorsements the past few years, I only made out with this lovely baseball cap with stylish sperm swimming on the side of the brim from one of the cryo sperm banks. I don't know what I'd say if I actually saw someone wearing these in public. The bottle of coke was a souvenir from the world famous Coca-Cola Museum.

Recaps on our trip begins tomorrow!

In other medical news... I got the results of my board exams, and I am now officially board certified in Internal Medicine! Whoopie! I don't have to take that sucker for another 10 years :)


  1. SO PROUD OF YOU! And I love the sperm hat. Some kind of halloween costume maybe?

  2. Congrats on board cert!!! And your hat is hilarious.

  3. sperm hat: please never wear that in public. oh the horror.