Thursday, October 22, 2009

lynn in love with atlanta: part III Coca-Cola Museum

On Monday, I met up with Jon during one of the break times of the conference and we headed to the Coca-Cola Museum across the street with some of his friends.

The Coca-Cola Museum houses lots of coke paraphernalia as well as a tasting area where you get to try all 64 coca-cola flavors from all around the world! We trucked through and tried pretty much each of the flavors! Honestly, we felt pretty diabetic in the end with all the sugar running through our bloodstream, but it was fun to try them all out. South Africa flavors were the most interesting, Europe the most bland... but honestly, I love the good home flavors of the USA the best.

All the photos were taken by my iphone with the ShakeItUp app.

the Texas bottle was the most ghetto :(
grr...the lady obviously didn't know how to use my iphone and cuts the guys head off.

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