Tuesday, October 13, 2009

lynn in love with the texas state fair!

the rain is still a coming folks! :)... and it followed us to the fair!

Oh the Texas State Fair is a fall tradition that I go to every year since I was like 5. It's so full of ghetto country charm and is an event that no Texan especially one from Dallas should ever miss out on. From the giant ferris wheel, the midway games, the plethora of fried foods, and nauseau inducing thrill rides, it has something for everyone! This year, the fair was super crowded since Oprah was there and it literally poured on us for hours. Still, with friends in tow, we indulged in all the fatty foods and had a blast.

The Fair is famous for creating new and creative fried foods. This year, we tried fried oreos, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the highly anticipated fried butter! The fried oreos were a dream, and the PBJ's were amazing... but the fried butter was pretty dumb. If I'm going to eat fried food, it better be darn good!

We petted the animals, played some games, and saw some crazy big snakes. After my socks turned soggy and tried to turn my feet in to toesicles... we called it a day! A great day!

it's the last week of the fair, if you decided to go, take the DART. trust me.

this was a BIG tractor

mm. foot long corny dog!

my favorite at the fair: the petting zoo! isn't this baby goat the cutest?

scary ostrich

Roasted corn... with lawry salt of course!

some of us braved the space roller... not I!

The rain has started...

fried peanut butter and jelly, oh my!

fried butter. blah.

We all tried to win a bike

Did you know I'm a waffle and cup superstar? I always win :)

the snake show! Seriously creepy!! There were two 23 foot boas in there!

Pancho and Big Tex Love!


  1. great pics - looks like lotsa fun xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Lynn,
    I heard there was fried coke at the state fair, my friend, Tara's brother tried it and the minute he tasted it he threw up! Looks like you had a bunch of fun!