Thursday, October 22, 2009

lynn in love with atlanta: part IV last bits

That's all folks!

Just a few last pictures from my iphone.

During one of the downtimes when I was bored and stuck in the hotel waiting for Jon to come home, I discovered another totally awesome iphone app: TiltShiftGen, which again turns my iphone into one of my beloved old school toy cameras! Just like ShakeItUp app, you can take new pics or choose from your album and turn your photo into a dreamy, vintage infused pictures. I love that you can control all the effects. It's a dollar and very much worth the download.


i love this picture: We brought an Agatha Christie mystery book on the trip to read, and we passed this Agatha murder mystery dinner restaurant!

i read the book on the way home. Creepy.
too happy to get home to Dallas!

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