Friday, October 16, 2009

lynn in love with shake it photo

Are you kidding, iphone? Everyday you get cooler and cooler (except for the phone part. AT&T, please stop dropping my calls). Husband discovered the BEST iphone app: ShakeItPhoto. For all you polaroid lovers, it turns your iphone into a polaroid camera! It's so awesome... you can either take pictures or choose pictures in your camera. A screen shows up like a polaroid film and you shake the phone to develop the pic. Out pops up your polaroid which is saved onto your phone!

Holla for all you pola lovers who have been sad about the demise of the polaroid. Download it, it's only a dollar for all day polaroid fun!
In other news, it looks like polaroid is gonna come back!

Some of my new polas from random pics I chose from my iphone!



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