Monday, October 12, 2009

lynn in love with the drive-in theatre!

Happy Monday, lovie-doves! Wowsa! That was a bee-say weekend! It was so jam-packed filled with family, friends, fun, and new experiences. I can't wait to tell you about it this week :)

Friday, Husband and I decided to have a date night. The weather was breezy, but dry... so we decided to pack up the old 4-runner that we had on loan and head out to the Galaxy Drive-in Theatre. What is that you ask? You know what I'm talking about... it's that drive-in theatre you always past in Ennis, TX as you make yourself down to Houston on I-45. Jon and I have wanted to go FOREVER and was so excited to make it happen. It did NOT disappoint.

Located pretty much off the freeway on a dirt road, The Galaxy Drive-In features 4 screens playing all current moves. After paying a measly $6 each for a double feature ticket, we backed up the 4-runner into one of the spaces and turned on the radio to listen to the movie. It was SO much fun. We watched from the open back of the 4-runner, which we had prepared with pillows and blankets. I was all bundled up in a sweatshirt and hat with my honey and we ate funnel cake from the concession stand. It was all so cozy and wonderful. We first watched Zombieland, which was all sorts of funny hilarious. But I was a little creeped out, especially since the movie opens up in Garland, TX and here we were in the middle of nowhere Texas in a dirt lot and our legs hanging out of the car!

I unfortunately forgot my camera, so the only images I have is from my iphone and one polaroid!
Seriously, it's a drive, but such a great date night idea for all of you looking for something new and relatively inexpensive, and totally fun.

forgive me my crappy pictures from my iphone!

kinda creepy, huh?


  1. you're such a cute couple- love these pics

  2. That's freaking far is this from Dallas?

  3. you guys are too cute! love your hat!

  4. Anonymous, it was freaking awesome :) It's about a 30-40 minutes drive down south from downtown Downtown Dallas which is where I live. First feature starts at 8:15 totally enough time for you to get down there after work :) Here is the website:

  5. Awww... I have always wanted to do this. I just never really have done it yet. I totally should do it now.