Tuesday, October 13, 2009

lynn in love with second shooting

I have spent the last 3 days in adobe photoshop working on some very special pictures. This past Saturday, I spent the day second shooting a wedding with Jenna Cole for the very first time! As some of you dear readers may know, I've been wanting to break into more professional photography for some time. I studied photography in college and love taking pictures and portraits, but I wondered what it may be like to actually do it for the public.

Jenna Cole, who did all of my pre-wedding events, is a fabulous new Dallas photographer who is very talented. She was so very gracious in allowing me to tag along on a wedding this past Saturday to get a taste of what it may be like to do wedding photography!

Wow, it was so much harder than I expected, but I learned so many things in those 7 hours.
1. A good wedding photographer is much more than just a photographer. You are also part planner and counsel. For many brides, the photographer is a person who stays by you during the day. As the most experienced in all things wedding, the photog helps to keep you on schedule and shuffles the party around.
2. You're also a friend and soothing person to have around. You're not part of the bridal party and stressed out. You can joke around and get people to laugh to get the perfect shot. I was so impressed how Jenna's sweet personality really helped soothe the mood! The bride and groom's family were so comfortable around Jenna, that I'm sure it made for better pictures. I was at painfully shy and awkward at times, but I need to step it up if I want to do this in the future.
3. You have to think fast and be ready to be on your feet all day. 7 hours of being quick on your feet and being behind the camera is rather exhausting. You don't want to miss the shot! Be comfortable, know what you're working with. I didn't know how hectic it was going to be nor was I prepared for the low light setting.
4. Be creative with your angles and direction. Because I was second shooting, I was very aware of trying to get out of Jenna's shots... For most of the pictures, the subject was not looking into my camera, however, I feel I got some cool images just from having being at an unusual angle.
5. Have appropriate equipment. I realized sorely, that I need to upgrade my equipment if I need to do this professionally. Most of the ceremony and the reception was outside in very low light setting. I did not have the best equipment or proper knowledge of how to use my flash and it reflected poorly on the quality of my shots during these times.

Despite how fast and tiring the night was, it was rather thrilling to shoot this wedding. It felt like such an amazing privilege to be part of and document this meaningful event that was so full of love. I remember just standing there, swaying to the music on the stage and watching the bride, groom and wedding party dance and being filled with joy. Loved it.

Thank you so much Jenna, for letting me come second shoot. You are a rockstar in my book. Thanks for taking out the time to teach me and give me advice. Mary, the bride, thank you for letting me, a stranger, be part of your day. It was such a honor.

I'm going to do a full blog post of my pictures of the wedding later. Meanwhile, here is a little sneak peak of the fabulous Mary and Opie and their wonderful wedding.

marieopieweb_064 copy


  1. so super fun, lynn. you know, the few photos you snapped at my wedding are some of my dearest - and two are framed in my living room. i love the beautiful pic of mary and opie. keep up the beautiful work!

  2. you've been practicing medicine on the side too doc...lol

  3. Anonymous, I'm doctor by day, photographer by nights and weekends... haha :)

  4. SUCH a beautiful photo! I am so glad you were able to have that experience!


  5. So glad you spent the day with me! I love the angle on this, much more than anything I captured of that pose!