Thursday, October 8, 2009

lynn in love with polas

just some more polaroid love for y'all today!

We've always wanted to go to the flight museum as we pass it every day driving home. So we decided to check it out last week. Um... it was a little lame-o... we couldn't even sit in any of the planes! Still, if you have a little boy, I think it would a great place to have a birthday party. I got 3 polas out of the experience.

Also, I decided what to do with my SF polas....
I got a frame from Ikea, and to keep a natural look, I mounted the polas on the brown cardboard backing on the frame! (Actually's husband's idea as I was struggling with matting). Whatdya think??


  1. lol. I took my engagement shots at the flight museum in Addison and it was pretty... um.. hot. They did not have air conditioning in those hangers and my makeup was melting off my face.

  2. I LOVE your poloroid board! It is so so so chic :)

    Sorry the museum was a bit lameo! But the pics are darling :)

  3. shoestring bride, those pictures were awesome! The dallas flight museum was air conditioned...just not so much fun :)

  4. Can't wait to see what kind of polaroids we are going to take in Hotlanta!