Monday, October 19, 2009

lynn in love with macarons

Lovers, this weekend at Central Market, I discovered these macarons... and dears... I swooned...I swooned! over them. They were so precious in all their pastel beauty, I just had to take a few home.

Macarons are a French pastry made of egg whites, almond powder, sugar and sugar icing. I was little worried about how they would exactly taste as I know many do not prefer them. Oh, but they were as delightful to eat as they were to look at! They melt oh so sugary sweet in your mouth. Yum! I sampled the raspberry, lemon, coffee, and pistachio... I think I found a new addiction!

These pictures will be some of the few pics you will see on this blog that are straight out of the camera, no photoshop, no nothing. I couldn't bear to change their natural colors. My light source is a side kitchen window that provides non-direct sunlight.

I thought my new candy colored manicure matched, so I threw my digits in!
i need a macro lens to get a good ring shot, but I thought these were cute nonetheless!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am SWOONING over your pictures. They are gorgeous!

    And the ones with the rings? Beautiful!

  2. I can see you are making good use of that prime lens. :) The picture of the three of them stacked on top of each other is particularly delicious.

  3. I think you ladies are

  4. Thanks ladies! they were soo photogenic! and yummy!