Monday, September 28, 2009

lynn in love with san francisco: day 1

Hello Dolls! I'm back online after a fantastic and much needed vacation with my husband. Hubs was away for most of August and September for fellowship interviews, and I missed him dearly. To wind down his travels, we treated ourselves with a short little 3 day jaunt over to San Francisco. After a dreary and rainy week in Dallas, the cool fresh air of SF was exactly what we needed! I love vacationing with my husband as we travel at the same pace and are very much intuned with each other's needs...which are sometimes hard to find in a travelling partner. Ha! plus he tolerates all my touristy needs to take pictures and visit all the city's highlights.

We got into the city early the first day and immediately jumped onto the trolley to Fisherman's wharf to fulfill my craving for fresh crab and clam chowder. I picked out a large 2lb crab and munched away... heaven! We strolled along the marina and came across the bike rentals. Jon was excited to bike, but I was a little hesitant as I haven't biked in years except for the little tandem getaway incident at our wedding. For those of you who weren't there to remember, I crashed and burned in my little valentino heels. However, I manned up and we got our bikes for our ride to and across the Golden Gate Bridge.... and I loved it! It was a fairly hard bike ride for me as I'm not used to the incline, but we took plenty of stops so I could take pictures. It was amazing to bike in such beautiful scenery and across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. And I have to tell you folks, I was pretty darn proud of myself that I finished the trip. Afterward our bike ride, we rewarded ourselves with a little In-and-Out burger and checked into our cute little hotel room. We took the Muni to the Japantown to warm up our bodies with some yummy udon. That night we slept so well, with our hotel window open and the sounds of a street violinist lulling us into sweet dreams of the next day to come.

riding the trolley!

A beautiful view of the bay from the trolley

me just being silly, see what I mean about Jon tolerating my ways :)

coo-coo for clam chowder!

Don't forget the crab!

Picking out our bikes

Happy that I haven't fallen yet.

A quick break for pictures

Water break!

When we came upon the bridge, it was covered in fog

But just as we were about to finish biking across, we began to see a peek of the bridge!

A perfect moment when the fog lifted for a few seconds

A final look back at the bridge before we biked down to Sausalito

Tomorrow: Day 2: Muir Woods and Sausalito

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  1. we've grown accustomed to eating seafood over fact most of the peops here have gotten hep A, but never have I've seen such an awesome bowl of clam chowder as shown in the pic by your hubs...