Thursday, September 24, 2009

lynn in love with living design

I love everything about this sentiment from this designer
found via {frolic}

'Creating a stylishly decorated interior is one thing; being able to live and breathe in it with ease is another. In my time as an interior stylist and writer I've seen many homes where the design and decoration are disconnected from the activity and life they are intended to support. Your home's interior should be a participant in your life, not just an 'observer' - it should inspire emotion and satisfy the senses, making living that little bit more comfortable. After all, your home bears witness to so many of the comings and goings, to so much of the laughter, tears and celebration that make up your history. When you decorate your interior in a way that embodies a true sense of who you are and reflects the life and the energy that pulse within its framework, you are creating a home to nurture the soul as well as provide shelter for you and your family....'

I love the look of this room!


  1. a very emotionally enriched concept doc...I have to try to apply this sentiment into my interior design...I'm starting to pay attention the organization of my living environment...I've had the simplicity part down pat...

  2. Anonymous, are you a guy or a chick? I'm always highly amused by your comments ;)