Thursday, September 3, 2009

lynn in love with shoes

i really hope my husband doesn't read this post. Because I was a bad girl yesterday... and bought... not 1 or 2 or 3.... but four pairs of shoes yesterday! Well really 5, but that's bordering on ridiculous and I'm making myself return a pair.

nothing is sweeter to my ears than my mom telling me that there is a 70% shoe sale! So yesterday when I heard the news, my mom and I hightailed it to Dillards! Anybody who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes. I love them all, but honestly my usual fare is a strappy sweet pairs of heels and I was looking to broaden my collection. So, I was delighted to find an assortment of bright, vintagey shoes severely marked off. Heaven!

I mean, look at these beauties... how could I resist?

The yellow flats are just so yummy, they don't need any explanation.
The white pair have the perfect throwback feel, are super comfy, and I like the idea of wearing a pair of vintage pair of shoes that are not actually vintage (I don't like the idea of thrifting shoes, it's a little ew for me).
I've been looking for a pair of chunky 'gladiator' sandals to take me into fall, but didn't want them to be too clunky. These pair of Laurens were perfect, and the price couldn't be beat!

Y'all run to Dillards now... but probably not at Northpark as I've probably cleaned out size 6 and 6.5 :) Happy shopping!


  1. Really like your pictures. Such vibrant color! Keep it up :)

  2. LOVE IT! I have a shoe addiction too, but I'm doing better now. I love the yellow flats and the Lauren gladiator-esque heels. I've been searching around for a pair of thsoe too, but no luck. I bought a pair of very blingy, but awesome black pumps last week.

  3. I make an exception for the moderately-high heels for a few hours, on special occasions to please my lady, but high heels in general for an extended period, especially at work, "feel"/look uncomfortable even for current, functionally evolved mind has gradually shifted away from my former pleasure-viewing-oriented-mindset...understandably, I have been informed on numerous occasions that more than a few young ladies, especially those in their 50s or 60s, were disappointed that I asked them not to wear hard heels/uncushioned shoes, and much less high heels because of their complaint of "foot pain..." :(
    The high heels look nice on display, but I love the comfort of a pair of nice/cushioned shoes...

  4. -herman, thanks! I've been working on it :)
    -patricia, you're a girl after my own heart :)
    -anonymous, it's true, over the years, my shoes have become more practical, 3 out of my 4 shoe purchases were based on comfort (wedge, cushioned platform, flat), something that would have never happened a few years ago. but nothing makes my heart go pitter patter than a sexy pair of high heels :)