Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lynn in love with sunnys

good morning friends!....*yawn*
I'm a little sleepy and wearied. I can't seem to shake off the insomnia.
I sleep late and wake up early, my little head just brimming with ideas and plans,
but little energy to execute them.

hopefully a little protein will help get me jump started. There are few things I like more than a couple of sunny side up eggs for breakfast. Something about that glistening creamy yolk perfect for dipping into with a piece of toast. I had some extra turkey breast and mushroom to toss into the skillet this morning to make things extra hearty. I am a little obsessed with a good tasting egg. My absolute favorite right now are the HEB eggs from central market. Seriously the best tasting egg. When I can't get to central market, I get eggland's best. They taste clean and are marked individually with a cute little red stamp.

What's YOUR favorite breakfast?


  1. My favorite breakfeast is sunny side up eggs with milk, granola bar, and french bread with butter. Yum!

  2. 1. Protein strawberry shakes- been doing it for the past 10 or so years...love it, can't live without it...

    2. Usually if I'm up till dawn with my guitar, then I go for the hot oatmeal with sausage and syrup combo...gives me the energy I need to hit those high vibratory notes...