Monday, August 31, 2009

lynn in love with weekends

Dallas peeps, it was beautiful weather this weekend wasn't it?
Husband had to work both days, but we still had a lovely time together.
We alway try to relax on these days, but it always ends up being busy busy...
with much family and friends to see :)

Friday, us girls from residency got to reunite since Priya, my good friend who is doing GI in Indiana, came back to Dallas to visit. Since we graduated in June, we haven't really gotten a chance to hang out, so it was a great time at Taco Diner. We were only missing Sonia, who is far away in Denver doing her heme-onc fellowship.

Saturday, we had a lovely dinner at Cafe Expresso, with the husband's family. Cafe Expresso, located in Preston Center, is owned by a sweet German couple, Paul and Christa Dieter who actually taught Jon English. The food was delicious and we left with big bellies...

and we rushed to Irving to celebrate my cousin, Nolan's baptism. Here's the chubby cutie with my mom and I.

Sunday, we took a breather to eat all fresco by our apt's pool. It was glorious to have a sweet breeze and mild temperature.
The rest of the day was spent running around at Frye's, going to our awesome evening church, and getting dinner at Central Market. After getting some research and paperwork done, we finally had time to look at my ailing computer.

Just one year old, my computer has been acting super funny, making a loud "whirring" noise that makes me think it's going to combust any time. At 1 AM, we finally had time to take a look at it. We pulled off the side panels... and... it..was..disgusting. Every inch inside the computer, in all the nooks and crannies, the fans, my graphic card was COVERED in dust and dust bunnies! We tried to swiffer it away and but was impossible. We got some of that duster thing in a can, took it outside, and sprayed away... It looked like it was snowing in August! But sweetness and light, my computer is now working well, without all the racket!

So lesson learned, every 6 months or so, open up your computer and give it a good spring cleaning!

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