Thursday, August 20, 2009

lynn in love with thirty

What can I say about this man of mine. I didn't think that we can love each other any more than we do, but after getting married, every day is even more delightful than the next. This is for reals guys. We are seriously in love.

and today is a special day, because it's his thirtieth birthday!

And to commemorate this day... I am going to give him a big dirty 30 list of why I love him so!

I love the hubs because:

1. He always cleans up the messes I leave behind, turns off the lights I leave on, and closes the the cupboard doors.
2. He is the most loyal guy I know.
3. He loves his family fiercely.
4. He always gets up to look for me when he wakes up and doesn't find me sleeping next to him.
5. He's gets the most adorable eye crinkles when he smiles.
6. His feet always finds mine under the covers.
7. He watches with me all my silly bad movies and lets me cry all over him even though I've seen the movie a thousand times.
8. He always askes me if I want to go run with him, but never makes me feel guilty when I say no.
9. He appreciates my craftiness.
10. He lets me decide on my own if I want to work or not and support any decision I make.
11. Even though he acts like a toughie, he is the biggest softie I know.
12. He is quick to anger, but even quicker to forgive.
13. He always makes me laugh.
14. He's got an incredible sense of style.
15. He's supports my artistic endeavors.
16. He watches the news and listens to NPR and always keeps me updated.
17. He takes my car in for oil changes and tire rotation.
18. He has the greatest smile with dimples.
19. He prays with me.
20. He discusses with me everyday about our future together.
21. He's thinking about letting me get a puppy.
22. He compliments me perfectly
23. He drives like a grandma because it keeps me safe.
24. He likes watching cartoons.
25. He praises my cooking.
26. He likes to hold hands with me in public.
27. He likes to hold hands with me in the house.
28. He always changes with me as our relationship grows.
29. His favorite nights are nights in with me.
30. He is my best friend


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww. ditto vi.

  2. happy birthday Jon!! lynn, you are a lucky girl :)

  3. reasons #1 and #2 should be flipped around huh doc!

  4. hubs says thanks for all the birthday wishes, sweets!

  5. Hi Anonymous, normally I would agree with you, but you've never seen Lynn's mess. Lynn is perfect in every way, the best person you could ever meet, but keeping a tidy home is not her best quality. I think Jon may have more patient with Lynn than even me. Jon, if you are reading this, good luck to you man. Love you all.