Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lynn in love with bento boxes

Remember that post below where I mentioned my love for bento boxes? I wanted to show you how you to create a bento box, ghetto style.

Here are a few from MY collection of bento boxes. You can get them in lots of size and shapes, but this is the standard: a small two tiered plastic box with something absurdly cute on top.

Usually, they love to have some silly English phrase! This one actually makes sense!

"My name is Rinda. I love the white cake and sweet cherries. Yummy, Yummy!"

Right on, Rinda, I love the white cake too :)

dear old husband, however, gets his bento packed in just some old tupperware. So he doesn't die from embarrassment when he pulls out his lunch at work. But surprise, surprise! It's still somewhat cute inside!

it's not much inside, since I'm was making a bland lunch for my sickie. Soup in pink container, rice on a bed of peas and chicken.

It's hard to see, but the rice balls are in the shape of a bear, star, and heart! I have little rice balls molds for this :)

the condiment containers make their debut: the orange guy is holding ranch, the green guy has BBQ sauce for chicken dipping!

Hopefully I'll have something more presentable and cuter to show next time, but unfortunately, this is as much cute as the hubs can handle. Hopefully they won't make too much fun of him at work!

I'm using faststone photoresizer for the first time on all these pics! Thanks Jenna! She recommended this free program on her site, That Wife Blog. Here's a link to the download of the program. http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm. Man, it totally made this posting a breeze, being able to downsize my pictures for the web in like a second. And it make uploading the pictures to blogger so much faster. Love it!


  1. So happy someone FINALLY listened to me about that program :) It's the kind of thing that makes me so happy but I can't seem to convince everyone else how wonderful it is! Even with Photoshop and Lightroom I still use Faststone almost every day.

  2. Ohhh too cute the bento boxes. Well Jon, only a real man can handle all that cute-ness. Good luck too you during lunch.