Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lynn in love with details

I'll admit, the last couple days have been a little rough,
my boring little stay at home wife life turned into a flurry
of separate medical and family drama. Made me come face to face with
the inevitable mortality of the older generation. People my parents' age.
It really is quite sobering.

As a physician, it's amazing how objective one can be in the throes of
life and death of a patient. You have to be. It's your job.
But it's oh so different when it's about somebody that you love.
You become weak in the knees, your heart tries to stop. You are
the very opposite of objective.

But out of all this drama, it was so worth it to see a glimpse of God
doing his work, of making a bad situation into something beautiful,
about love and support, about reminding us of the precious time that
we have with one another. It has been been so amazing, to clearly see
God's hand working in our lives. As my good friend told me today,
"God is in the details". Isn't that just beautiful?

And I am so blessed that hubs and my love for each other grow with each day.
That in moments of hardship, we bolster each other up and support each other.
We make such a good team...

Anyways, today tell someone you love them :)
Also go get some frozen yogurt, with strawberry and kiwis.
It'll make your day!


  1. What drama are you referring to Lynn? Do I know about it?

  2. Good Luck on your studying!

  3. Good luck with everything doc! Loving is blessing...and be a good housewife k! lol