Saturday, August 15, 2009

lynn in love with kick-booty massages

hmm...apparently I've been tense. A little ball of unstable emotions perhaps.
or maybe a little deconditioned combined with sitting at the computer studying for too many hours.

I just know that my shoulder and back has started hurting. and my toosh.
really bad, even when I'm not sitting...and when my toosh hurts... i get irritable. Yeah, you don't want to be around me.

I know what that means...massage therapist to the rescue!

I got to a little ghetto place in town, but I only go there
for one reason. Mary. Mary is a the best therapist, I've ever had.
She's big and strong and likes to tell me stories about Africa.
And she can beat me up. Literally.
This ain't your little sweet messages y'all, that lulls you to sleep and wakens you all relaxed and smelling of cucumbers and lavender.

This is a full body massage that punches you in every knot you have in your body.
Lots of time, I'm muffling my mouth to keep from screaming, as she kneads and coaxes the balled up muscles into submission.

An hour later, you walk out slowly from the place, a little sore, after she pats you and reminds you to take an advil and drink plenty of water.
I know what you're thinking. lynninlove, what are you doing? you pay for this? that does NOT sound fun.'re doling out dollars to get pummeled?

yeah, yeah I am. You know why? You may feel a little pain in the process, but two days later you wake up, and wow, you. are. a. different. person. Your muscles are like noodles, fluid and flexible. You feel like a hundred bucks and ready to meet the world. Without those strained, balled up knots, you stand up straighter, walk with a stronger gait. Man, it's awesome. So, so worth all the pain it took to get there.

Anyways, isn't it just so in life?
What are the areas of strain in your life? What are those relationships that cause you more distress than good, fears that keep you up at night, the drama that gets your soul all balled up with stress, and keeps you from enjoying life.

It's time to do something about them guys. Face them headstrong, deal with them, talk to people, make a plan. It'll be painful, let me tell you, and awkward. It'll take work, swallowing of your pride, and you just may ended up losing sombody.

But guys, in the end, you'll walk a little straighter, think a little clear, live a little stronger.

And isn't that worth the pain? I think so :)

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  1. Exercise has been proven to be the most effective prevention for future back pain recurrence doc!

    Study hard doc! I hope I'll never be forced to be stressed out about studying again...good luck with boards and wards and/or clinics perhaps...