Monday, August 24, 2009

lynn in love with wild things

oh! my hubs always brings me the best presents!
He just got back from San Fran, and on his way out,
he stopped by Japantown and got me some goodies!

I practically squealed from the cuteness, oh all the cuteness!

Come, take a look! I've been obsessed with bento boxes for a while
and all the sweet accessories you can get for them.
Makes eating so much fun!

Meet my little wild things:

the cutest little food forks and picks!

see no evil: little condiment containers!

penguin sauce containers! the beaks are spouts!

lastly, little sauce containers with dry erase labels-perfect for dressings and soy sauce!

I've been practicing my tabletop photography, and it's so great to have such cute colorful subjects to work with. All pics taken with the Nikon D70 at F3.5. (my next lens will be a 50mm f1.4)

Speaking of wild things, have y'all seen the preview for Where the Wild Things are? Looks amazing!

Edit: Oh this trailer is awesome!

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