Wednesday, August 19, 2009

lynn in love with midnight baking...

hi lovelies! tomorrow's a big day for the hubs!
He's turning the big 30! He'll be interviewing on his birthday,
so we're going to celebrate tonight...

we both stayed up late last night, so I started the preparations early
by starting my baking... at midnight!
mmm.mmm... i had yummy sweet dreams afterwards....
the coconut cupcakes were so yummy. Ina Garten, you are a baking genius!

waiting for the eggs to come to room temperature in my new apron

did you know that your baked goods will be so much
lighter and yummier if your ingredients are at room temperature? genius!

Some of the cute cupcake liner a bought for 25 cents in Vietnam!

the liners a tad shorter than I'm used to, but so cute!

how I love my kitchenaid stand mixer

coconut filled dreams... goodnight!

good morning, sunshine!!

and to your friend, too!

and a wifey to serve it up!


  1. Lynn you kill me! You're so adorable and your darling kitchen really fits your throwback style. The cupcakes look delicious!

  2. I love your apron, it's so cute! Those cupcakes sure make me drool!

  3. So happy to see paper cup liners bought in VietNam for you to make delicious cupcakes. You look so cute in the kithchen!

  4. Ahhh, adorable! Such pretty photos. :) Happy birthday, Jon! Good luck with the interviews!

  5. thanks dears! My apron is from Anthro of course :) such great sale items this summer, makes me happy! Di Hanh, I love these cupcake liners!! What a find :)