Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lynn in love with san francisco: day 2 sausalito

After Muir Woods, the bus dropped us off to take the ferry back to SF. We decided to stay back to spend the evening in beautiful Sausalito. Oh my, how we love this little town. Situated north of the Golden Gate Bridge and only a few miles from San Francisco, Sausalito is picture perfect and wonderfully quaint. While the weather is a bit chilly in SF, somehow the winds die down in Sausalito, make time spent there so very pleasant. There is no hub-bub in Sausalito and everyone seems to be taking their time to enjoy themselves.... and how can you not with a view like that! We spent a long time at the bay watching all the sailboats float by and I taught Jon "Sitting by the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding which somehow he's never heard before! Apparently Otis wrote and recorded this song in Sausalito the day before he died in a plane crash. We had a delicious Italian meal on the patio with a view before heading back on the ferry while watching the sun set on that wonderful little town.
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yum, this was good ice cream!

just beautiful, no?

look, just a few miles away is SF, just covered in a blanket of fog and chill.

you can't get away without a feet picture from me! these shoes served us well this trip.

Can't get enough of this guy!

we left our mark in Sausalito

beautiful sunset sky from the ferry

Next up: my favorite pictures from our trip! The polaroids!!


  1. lynn, i love your pictures! and you and your hubby look so cute and happy :). - alison

  2. an amazing picturesque account of the Bay area...