Monday, September 21, 2009

lynn in love with grapestomping

hello dears, totally tooting my own horn here, but you are now reading the blog of a grape stomping champion! As our first day of vacation, we decided to go to Grapefest, a local Texas wine festival in Grapevine, TX. Now it was a very hot and sweltering day to be traipsing around a fest, but we heard you could grapestomp which is something I've always wanted to do. It seemed fun, all Lucy and Ethel like... or even romantic like that scene in A Walk in the Clouds. Anyways, off we went to see what it was all about. We met up with a couple of friends, Mandy and Pooja. Unfortunately, Texas wines doesn't seem to be all that good, and the festival was quite dinky, honestly... but that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. We drank mediocre wine, chomped on roasted corn and corny dogs... and then found ourselves signing up for grape stomping! They had barrels of grapes lined up, and competitions every 30 minutes. It's sort of a relay with teams of two, each having one minute to stomp, while the other teammate catches the juice in pitchers... then they switch. Whoever has the most juice wins.

We named ourselves Big Feet and stomped away against some fierce competition.... and guess what? Husband and I won our round with a whopping 28 1/4 ounces! We couldn't believe it, and excitedly accepted our T-shirt prizes. However, we had to return in an hour to compete against the other hourly winners for the title of Daily Champ. Lemme tell you guys, grape-stomping is no joke, especially in that hot weather. We manned up, re-hydrated and rested up until our next round. We walked up and our competitors sized us up incredulously. However, I stomped my heart out in my silly white skirt and little feet, and Jon finished us up... and we won!! We were the Sunday champs! We had to return again in yet another hour to compete against the other daily champs for the grand prize trophy. We were exhausted, but showed up. Unfortunately, poor husband gashed up his foot during his turn, and we lost the grand prize by a mere 1.5 ounces.

I absolutely love that my husband and I make the best team :) In life, and in grape stomping. Next year, we're gonna take home the trophy.

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