Thursday, September 17, 2009

lynn in love with the children's museum

If there is one picture that could describe my day yesterday, this would be it. It was another Mommy, TJ, and Auntie Lynn day yesterday, and we had a great one at the Children's Science Museum and Nataral History/Science museum in Fair Park. However, my little muchkin sure is active! There was hardly a second when he wasn't moving, fleeting here and there to touch, and learn, and wonder.

Here are some highlights:

the only time he stopped was to stare in wonder at the T-Rex.

We blew bubbles!

and changed colors! that's mommy, TJ, and lynn

Changed into a fireman, while I turned into a bee

..climbed to new heights!

..milked cows, and learned about farming

learned about how to use all that energy to create light

and that's all folks!

We had a great time, but it was equally as lovely to poop out into bed afterwards, one of us with bottle in hand.


  1. I've been to this museum before! Is the spy exhibit still there?

  2. The spy exhibit is almost ready, they were seting it up when we were there. Lynn, my favorite is the milking cow utter one. Love it, Love it!