Friday, September 4, 2009

lynn in love with a day at the zoo, part II

Our next favorite part was the bird sanctuary. We got to purchase seeds on a stick. Inside the sanctuary, the birds will come and land on you and eat off your stick. So fun!

that's for the birds, silly!

the nice bird keeper took a few group shots of us

how insane are these colors... click on the picture to check out the brilliant details of this bird, this is not photoshopped guys, it's the real deal!

nephew did not like this one bit, not at all

how beautiful is this dove!

i was a leedle bitty scared of this bird

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  1. Hehe, there was an aviary at Busch Gardens that allowed for a similar bird feeding/sitting on your head/shoulder thing too. I went there with my family - it was neat :)