Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thaden's Surgery

Yesterday, my nephew, our little Thaden Bean had his first surgery! We all noticed that Thaden has been a little hard of hearing and that his snoring can rival anybody. A little trip to the ENT showed humongous tonsils and adenoids with a lot of fluid behind his ear drums causing some hearing loss! He was scheduled for his tonsillectomy and ear tubes yesterday.

The little booger was such a great little patient we were so proud of him. He knew the surgery would help him hear and breath better and he was not scared at all going into surgery. He came out of his anesthesia as sweet as can be and charmed all the nurses!

He didn't complain much about pain, but I think the two chocolate ice creams helped a bit!

I only have shoddy Iphone pics, but the whole family was there and we had fun supporting our little fella!



  1. Awww, poor Thaden- he's so brave! And cute! :D

  2. Maybe that'll inspire him to be an ENT someday...

  3. He was sooooo good. Now his voice had changed from a low nasal voice that I loved, to a higher pitch one that sounds almost bird like. If I close my eyes, I don't recognize the voice. He was so calm and lovely the whole time. So proud of my little bean.

  4. Wow what a brave little one! Chocolate ice cream makes everything better!

  5. Thaden is a brave boy, I'm so happy the surgery was sucessfull!