Friday, February 12, 2010

lynn in love with snow day 2: snow gif!

I'm awake! So I was wrong it was a whomping 12.5 inches of snow!!! When I was driving home this morning from work, it was so quiet and beautiful, every tree, every building was just covered with untouched snow!

oh my, I just looked at this pictures again, and I'm so silly! Look! I learned how to make an animated GIF! (BTW the GIF only loops 3 times, so if it's not working, just refresh your page, and take another look)



I'm just loving my tripod and my remote! If you want to do self-portraits with an SLR on manual, the remote is the best! Just set up your camera on your tripod. Focus on something you will be standing by, for example I focused on that bush. Set your camera on timer with remote function. Then pose on the same focal distance as what you focused on. Hit your remote, and b/c you also put it on a timer, you'll have a couple of seconds to set up! Fun!!

Only wish I was with my family or my husband on a snow day, so I can't take picturs with everyone!!


  1. looks like late X-mas...

  2. How do you make the pics animated? That's awesome!

  3. That animated GIF thing is awesome!