Monday, February 15, 2010

lynn in love with snow day 3: snowy wedding dress

Monday, monday... I've only been awake a few hours and it's already an icky day. Feeling awkward about something going on at work, and so I'm going to indulge myself and post one more set of pictures from our snowday, because well, they make me laugh and happy.

Of course...after my silly red pictures in the snow, what was the most natural thing to do next?? Put on my wedding dress of course!! ha! I had been wanting to do a "trash the dress" session since my wedding, and just haven't had the time to do so yet. I had just seen this fun wedding snow shoot on stylemepretty. Definitely inspired, but with very little time left to shoot, I jumped into my wedding dress, threw on a scarf and went at it! I only wish I had the huz there to take pictures with me!

The Huz laughs and laughs when he sees these pictures because he thinks I'm COMPLETELY ridiculous to have been outside in the snow in my wedding dress in FRONT OF OUR APT where everyone was undoubtedly making fun of me. But whatev, I don't care.. I kinda love them!



  1. I think you look AMAZING!! I love this shoot- and the scarf and the boots! ;D

  2. the scarf looks great with your wedding dress!

  3. It must have been freezing to be out there sleeveless in the snow...thankful for your posts; comforting to know that even for someone with intelligence, great interpersonal/social and communicating skills like yourself, awkward momemts are inevitable...

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!! Makes me want to get married my hubby of course! =)