Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lynn in love with austin: cruiser bikes


I've got bikes on my mind! Which is kinda strange actually. I was a very late bloomer in terms of biking. For some reason as a kid, I just couldn't get it.... how to stay upright and pedal... and stay upright. For the most part of childhood, I always remembered either being on the backseat of my older sister's bike hanging on for dear life and sitting on the handlebars. And then I remembered that one time in high school, that my family had this great idea on our family trip to Hawaii to bike around the island. I remember thinking I would rather be left on the side of the road in a ditch, then go on with this horrible activity called biking. BIKING...

But then on our trip to SF this past fall, the Huz and I decided to bike around the city... and I fell in love! It was sooo much fun going down the hills and feeling the breeze in my face. It was a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Since parking is such an issue on South Congress, we decided to rent some bikes for the weekend in Austin to get around our cute little neighborhood.

I came across a new bike rental shop on the internet that was near our lodgings at the Verdecamp, the Barton Springs Bike Rental. Their customer service was phenemonal and it was a great experience working them, so I just have to share to support their business. When we arrived in Austin Friday night, we were cold and cranky and didn't want to go venture out to the bike shop to pick up the bikes. We called Mike, the owner, who said he would drop off the bikes at our house! Sweet! Even sweeter was when he arrived in his shuttle bus and pulled out this adorable red beach cruiser (and a black one for the Huz). IN LOVE.

The bikes were brand new and just perfect for going around the city. We rarely used our cars at all as we biked to all meals and to explore the area. I just hitched my camera bag to the rack in the back and off we went! On Saturday, the cold must have loosened up the screws in the bike as Jon's handlebar slipped out of the post. We called Mike, who within 20 minutes arrived with tools and fixed his bike on the spot! The next morning, he arrived right on time to pick up the bikes. Mike runs a great business and was so friendly and helpful, I can't speak more praises.

I'm now in the market for a bike of my own :) Can't wait!



  1. I too once hated riding bikes! Cruisers are the only way to go!

    Um, also you are so gorgeous!

  2. you should get a 2-person bike with front and back peddles for you and your huz!

  3. Cruisers are BEAUTIFUL- especially yours! :D

  4. Anonymous! That was our getaway at our wedding! Me in Valentino heels no less... Of course I totally bit it...and had a big bruise for the honeymoon! haha... Barton Spring Rentals rent tadems bikes too!

    Alexandria - you make me blush!
    Allison - thanks dear! I laughed that we both posted on biking on the same day!