Monday, February 1, 2010

lynn in love with austin: verdecamp

Happy Monday, sweet readers!
How was your weekend? The Huz and I just returned from a wonderful little weekend trip to Austin. He has been working hard at work for a while now, and it was time to whisk him away for a little fun. We only had the weekend, so we made a fast getaway to Austin on Friday night to hang out in South Congress. Despite the fact that it was 30 degrees, it was such a fun weekend full of amazing food, lots of biking, and tons of photos that I can't wait to show you this week! In fact, I have so many pictures and reviews, that I'm going to dedicate this week's blogpost on South congress! Today I'm starting on our lodging.

We've always driven through Austin on our way to something or another and spend an hour or two walking down South Congress to look at the shops. South Congress is supposed to be the hippiest part of city, with tons of vintage shops and great eats. We always said we'd come back for a longer period of time and so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity. We initially wanted to stay at the San Jose hotel, a stylish little hotel right on S. Congress, but it was booked and we balked at the prices a little.

After much research, we ended up at Verdecamp and I'm so glad we stayed here! Verdecamp is a little collection of sweet little houses from the 1930's that the owners have converted into eco-friendly guest houses. There are five 1-bedroom houses and a one 2-bedroom house with the most darling bomber in the back. We stayed in the Sunrise house. It was so nice to have a private little bungelow fully furnished with a queen size bed, kitchen, and living room. I loved the eco-friendly and minimalist vibe. We shared the back yard with such cute little areas that I fully took advantage of for photos. The neighborhood is super friendly and was perfect for biking which we did all day on Saturday.

Anyways, we loved it and we would recommend staying there for anyone who was visiting South Congress.

Here's are a few pictures of our little home away from home:
I loved all the little red accents... I added my red TOMS :)
(I forget to take a picture of the couch/TV - took this one off the site)
Found this SWEET vintage car... more pics of it later!

Anyways, it was such a cozy little experience! If you are ever in Austin, check out


  1. SO cute Lynn. You should travel more and then write a book about your adventures. :)

  2. I've been to Austin for a field trip to learn about the Alamo, have you been to the Bob Bullock museum? That place is just awesome! I've also been to the state house.