Tuesday, February 9, 2010

lynn in love with austin: a vintage valentine's shoot!

Happy Tuesday, dearies!

I just wanted to end my Austin recaps with a sweet Vintage Valentine Shoot of my husband and I! I've posted the rest of pictures over at my photoblog if you want to look at them there as well! :)

I was so delighted to find a 1949 Cadillac in the backyard at Verdecamp, our lodging in Austin. Despite the fact that it was 30 degrees outside, we knew we had to bust out the camera to do a little photoshoot! I've been wanting to make Valentine's Day cards ala Julia Child and this was the perfect opportunity.


You have seen Julia Child's Valentine's Card haven't you or least the remakes from the movie? :) Here are a few... Seriously, Julia and Paul were the cutest couple!!

It was so fun to be able to take some sweet little photos of ourselves. If you want to do your own shoot, all you need to do is set up your camera on a tripod, set up your scene and either using the timer or a remote, shoot your pictures!

For those of you with dSLR and who always shoot on Manual like I do, self portraits are always a little tricky. However, it's always easier when you are shooting self portraits with another person! Set up your scene. Then either using your manual focus or your automatic focus, focus on your partner. If you're using AF, then change your focus to manual, and your focus is set. Set your timer or remote. And that's it!

I would love to see your own Vintage Valentine's!


  1. These 2 love birds sure know how to keep their romance spicy!

  2. hi lynn! i emailed you monday to let you know you're the winner of the Postal Press giveaway on Design Crush, but haven't heard back. please email me at designcrushing at gmail dot com to verify. thanks!