Friday, February 12, 2010

lynn in love with snow days

oh my gosh... i couldn't believe it, miracles upon miracles, I woke up yesterday to find a WINTER WONDERLAND outside my window. Now you peeps on the East Coast are probably all 'whatever, it aint no thing' but for us Texans, this was huge. It's not our usual every 2 years, sleet and ice number, this was the real deal... giant beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky and landing softly everywhere! and it stuck! I'd never seen anything so beyewtiful!

In fact, yesterday we beat the record breaking snowfall EVER in Dallas! 8 inches!

I was so sad I woke up too late to really enjoy it and had to leave for work at 5:30pm. After running a few errands in some slippy slidey roads, I came back home and had about 20 minutes to break out my camera! (hehe...and I was happy to finally get to wear my silly fake red uggs with rhinestones that I normally would be too ashamed to wear in sunny, warm Dallas!)

I just got back home a night shift, so I can only post these two pictures... but maybe when I'm awake, I'll be able to post more. Hope you guys are warm and safe!!



  1. Hey Lynn! It's snowing at my house too...there is a foot of snow at my house. I can't believe it..1 foot of snow!!!

  2. looks like X-mas to me!

  3. WHAT?? In Texas?? That's crazy! So perfect! :D