Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lynn in love with stylish travelling

July 1st! I turned in my pager yesterday, started the process to check out of the hospital and my residency program. I can't believe that after 7 years of studying medicine, that I'm finally done! It is definitely a strange surreal feeling. I will miss it this year... the medicine, the patients, the act of healing, saving, and sometimes letting go of life. However, this year will be a year of self discovery and finding out what else I am made of!

I'm leaving on Sunday for my month long trip to Vietnam! I'm excited and scared at the same time. Excited to go to this place of my ancestry, my parents' life before me...a place I've only heard about and have never really understood. I'm nervous because I have been spoiled with my life in America and hope I can withstand the hot and humid weather, the lack of central air conditioning, and the insects, dirt, and diseases that may lay ahead. I really have no idea what to expect!

I also want to be a smart but stylish traveller. This is a month long trip and I can only pack the necessities. Without the hubs, I will be the one lugging around my bags and 4 cameras I'm planning to bring. I found some great finds today while shopping for the trip, so I just had to share.

It's gonna be HOT in Vietnam, y'all. Think Houston in the summer, without the AC. I think one of the most important travel pieces I can bring is sun protection. I used to be one of the girls who laid out by the pool to get that perfect tan, however I've since changed my ways. After you've seen metastatic melanoma once, you don't want to see it again... plus that color may look good now, girls, but the sun damage with the wrinkles and sunspots are permenent. I plan to still look good in my 60's!

So my first search was for a good sunhat. Why oh why is it hard to find good AND cute sunhats? I found plenty of cute hats, but none with a brim big enough to actually provide protection for my face. I found good sun hats, but I'm just not a baseball hat kind of girl. I finally found to great options for my travels!


Found this hat at Target for $20 bucks, it's cute, feminine, and with a great wide brim! I feel totally 70's and it will be good by the beach or in the market place. Not so much for hiking and travelling in the rural areas.


Great bohomenian hat I found at Free People today, on sale for $15! It has two sides, completely crushable, and pretty cute. I'm going to take this hat when we do more active outings.
I also scored this awesome "fannypack" at Free People. You tie it on your waist and it has cute pouched area secured with ties and snaps! Love it!

Lastly, I got this cute hobo bag at Target, to throw junk in. Hubs is also letting me borrow a small messenger bag with lots of pockets for days I will be carrying all my cameras!

What are your travelling necessities?


  1. Good luck Dr. Nguyen-Kim...I think you've completed the first chapter of your life with an A+...It's time to expose yourself to the rugged terrain of the 3rd world...I hope u won't let whatever treachery u experience in the motherland sabotages your once-nostalgic view of the old country...

  2. Actually Nunu, Vietnam isn't as bad as Houston. =) At night even Saigon/TP Ho Chi Minh is pretty cool. It's when all the girls show their skin. LOL! Everyone will prob tell you don't eat raw veggies and don't drink anything with ice. I did from day one but since you're on a shorter trip I wouldn't risk it. =) Food is AMAZING! (and amazingly cheap.) VN is pretty famous for the streetfood. Mmmm MM!

  3. I miss shopping with you Lynn!

  4. Miss shopping with you too, actually just miss ya in general, Amy!