Sunday, June 28, 2009

lynn in love with fairies!

oh dearie me... my girl Mandy (see two posts below) dropped by this afternoon to drop a sweet birthday present... a basil garden kit (yum!) and then this lovely:
it's a pretty little book filled with gilded and gossamer illustrations of sweet it! I don't even know if Mandy knew how obsessed with fairies I used to be...I was in love with the idea of these little creatures with delicate wings and long flowy hair...always whimsical, enchanted, and charming. Many of my school year projects revolved around the subject! I wrote poems, drew pictures. In college, I was awarded the Chairman's Award in Arts based on beautiful photos I took with my Mamiya (120 median format camera). I had taken my sister and put her in a bedsheet and wings and took these amazing fairy pictures in our lush backyard. Yes, I love fairies. This book took me back to the days.

It also reminded me about this story (the cottingley fairies) when these young early century girls claimed to have taken pictures with fairies. They later admitted to faking all but one.

lovely, yes?

what a sweet coincidence when i was checking one of my favorite blogs...the cherry blossom girl and saw this amazing post where she recreated the pictures! I can't post the pictures, but please go and see her images!

oh me, oh my... what a great little project for my brand new little diana dreamer! Hubs got me my little plastic camera that I have been coveting for so long! It shoots 120 film and brings me back to my mamiya days... it creates dreamy and soft focus pictures with vignettes... perfect my fairy pictures! I can't wait to work on it!

Thanks so much Mandy!!

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