Monday, June 22, 2009

lynn in love with central market hatch green salsa

so. a little personal info about me...I'm finishing up my Internal Medicine residency in about... one week! A frequent question is what am I doing afterwards? Job? Hospitalist? Attending? and my answer has been... "nothing!"

i have been fairly excited about taking a year off and waiting for the hubs to finish his ob residency. Then we can start our new life together wherever it may be.

meanwhile, I can rest and slow down and enjoy the flowers I've been rushing past the last 11 years whilse I have either been in school or training. sounds awesome.

however, reality struck today, knowing our income is going to be halved into one measly resident salary the hubs makes. So my friends, that means I'm going to be living quite frugally the next 12 months... no more celebrations at nice restuarants, weekly drinks, or material gratification at the mall.

Still... food quality is not to be sacrificed in this year of "living on love". Instead of eating out, I'm determined to make make healthy homecooked yumminess that will stretch our food dollars.

Hubs and I carefully planned out our weekly meals today and hightailed it to Central Market (our local gourmet food market where we buy most of our groceries).
We made it out with a $40 food bill for 4 nights of food... that's a record!!

Tonight, we made turkey soft tacos: and boy they were yummy!
Ingredients: Ground turkey - seasonsed with garlic, chili powder, and salt/pepper
Freshly-made wheat tortillas (still warm)
Avocado and light sour cream
Fresh cherry tomatoes
Alfafa sprouts (I know weird, but I put it on everything!)
and our special new ingredient

Central Market's Hatch green chili salsa verde!
oh my, is this good salsa! Not too spicy, but with an amazing flavor kick! Apparently the chili's are from Hatch, Mexico and has an distinct flavor... whatever it is, we were loving it! I think we finish half the jar on tonight's dinner alone!
for reals... go out and get some!

I wish I had a picture of it, but here's a bowl of equally green salsa!

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