Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lynn in love with agave nectar

oops! 3 days late! to many happenings these days :) which is a good thing.

i'm fallen in love with AGAVE NECTAR
have you tried it? you should! go to your nearest health food or whole foods and get it right now!
I first heard about it from Minh-y boo and her boy Wolfie, who is a bonafide chef...
I squiggled it out of them that it was their secret ingredient in seriously the best snickerdoodles I have EVER had.

When I was shopping for my tea party last week, I found some at whole foods and decided to try it out.
I'm in love!!

It's smoother than honey
lighter than corn syrup
just overall the perfect bit of deliciousness

it's perfect on a scone. or piece of bread. or in your tea
just a little squirt and you are set

plus I'm reading that it has a low glycemic index, all you healthy nuts and diabetics out there...


1 comment:

  1. It's sweetened with fructose, not sucrose, and has an average glycemic index of about 19! 8)

    Plus it's yummy! and makes even better lemonade.

    You should be careful though, too much fructose causes high triglyceride levels.

    But it's sweeter, so you can use less in your recipes. Also, you can use it in cupcake recipes too. :D